You can listen to “Famous Last Words,” “Specialty Man,” “You Got Me Goin’,” “Runnin’ With the Wrong Crowd,” “Queen of the Silver Dollar,” “If You Were Mine,” “Some People Know How to Live,” “Fishin’” and more in their entirety in “PHOTOS/MUSIC/Music.” Or visit to hear “Nothin’ Like A Love Song,” “Rita Sings the Blues,” “Baby’s Gone,” “Recipe For Love” and “(Wasn’t Supposed to Turn Out) Like This.”  Each CD is $10.00. See “T-Shirts” to order.

  1. Autumn in New York 5:33 (Iida, Minami, Hutchison)
  2. Fishin’ 2:57 (Hutchison)
  3. She Used to Be Mine 2:43 (Hutchison)
  4. You Got Me Goin’ 6:33 (Hutchison)
  5. Runnin’ With the Wrong Crowd 3:03 (Hutchison)
  6.  Some People Know How to Live 2:38 (Hutchison)
  7. Rita Sings the Blues 4:18 (Hutchison)
  8. American Graffiti 6:23 (Hutchison)
  9. Baby’s Gone 3:21 (Hutchison)
  10. Specialty Man 5:54 (Hutchison)
  11. One More Step 4:03 (Takahashi, Hutchison)
  12. Famous Last Words 5:17 (Hutchison)

  1. If You Were Mine 3:07 (Hutchison)
  2. Nothin’ Like a Love Song 4:11 (Hutchison)
  3. Recipe for Love 4:06 (Hutchison)
  4. Affairs of the Heart 4:11 (Nagata, Hutchison)
  5. Tonight Might Be Our Night 3:54 (Hutchison)
  6. Lullaby 5:10 (Hutchison)
  7. Mike’s Feelin’ Good Tonight 3:54 (Hutchison)
  8. Sondra 4:32 (Minamizawa, Hutchison)
  9. Lovin’ You Lonely 4:06 (Takahashi, Hutchison)
  10. (Wasn’t Supposed to Be) Like This 4:17 (Kitai, Hutchison)

The Music Bank

All selections performed and programmed by the Music Bank, a loose cooperative of foreign and Japanese musicians that came together to promote their material in the West and their composing skills in Japan. With a century-plus of industry experience and specialists in blues, jazz, Latin, rock and country, the Music Bank can turn out hit-quality songs in any genre. Back row (left to right): Ben Gross, Gordon Hutchison, Keizo Ito, Tetsuyoshi Nagata (deceased), Tetsuya Iida. Front row (left to right): Macoto Takahashi, Kaz Minamizawa. Not pictured: Judy Ito, Katsuhiro Minami, Jaya Drats, Walter Roberts. All CD revenues will be distributed directly among Music Bank members.