Design D

“Yellow Cab Driving Instructor”

The term “Yellow Cab” was apparently coined in LA in the late 1980s to describe the hordes of young Japanese women arriving on those balmy shores on college exchange programs and/or vacations — and proceeding to run through local men like some Oriental spin-off of Debbie Does Dallas. (The “Cab” part comes from the connotation that any American male could flag one down for the ride of his life.) The story broke big-time in Japan in the mid-90s, with the phrase becoming household and the phenomenon the focus of countless hand-wringing TV scoops and exposes wondering, “Where did all our demure, blushing geisha dolls go?”

On the other hand, no small number of young Japanese women have bought this model because, “It’s so cute.” Go figure.

Design size 7½” x 10½”
Sizes M, L, XL
$25.00 plus shipping and handling

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